Prize Poetry

My Type

by "Polly," age 18

I'm the type that can't look you in the eyes while we have a conversation, and your pupils may scream for attention, widening as if their existence is enough to swallow me into them. I'm the type that can't really respond to a compliment, sarcasm is my greatest ally, but avoidance is one of my best friends. I'm the type who hates romance. And walks during which your foot leaves a print that lasts five to ten seconds after the next one begins, so slow to rise again is the imprint. I'm the type that is fist clenching-ly shy around the simplest of people, but if fate takes me by the hand to an innocent soul, he knows I'll be the one to join them inside of their anti-social hole. I'm the type that will write a story about a boy named awkward and a girl nicknamed introvert, they would feed each other their quirks until their teeth were worn to dust. I'm the type that can make a lifestyle on imagination, no destination, and a few small time fears.

[Author Statement: There have been three consistent things in my life that have helped me through some very difficult times. Whether they were all together, or even if I only had one or two of them. Those things were music, books, and a pen and paper. I started writing when I was really young, but not for any of the same reasons I do now. I was forced and I was told that poems rhymed. If not, it was not poetry. As I grew older those words stuck with me, and they still do. But now it is not in a negative way. More of a reminder, I don't need to rhyme to be a poet, and if I feel like I want to then I should go ahead without a second thought. But more importantly, it taught me how much someone else's words can affect you, without you even being fully aware yourself. I don't remember the gender age or race of this person. But I do know that because of them I have a writing style. And because they told me to do one thing, I made sure to do the exact opposite as often as possible. My favorite quote is one by Juan Ramon Jimenez: "If they give you ruled paper, write the other way." So I did, and I still do.]