Teen Poetry Collections

My Stupid Boyfriend

by a young woman, age 17

My stupid boyfriend is in here, too
He’s always on my mind ’cause I see him all the time
He’s stupid for being in here
But I’m glad I get to see him
He leaves notes around for me to find

It’s so aggravating
No conversation
No hugs
No nothing

At least I know he’s safe
I can see him through the windows
At certain moments, I glimpse him:

Playing ball in the courtyard
Playing cards and watching TV in the rec room
Sometimes I can see him getting ready for a shower
Or walking to school

Where I’ve made sure my designated seats
Let me see him

If I were allowed to talk to him
I wouldn’t even have that big of an objection to being here

Seeing him sober, energetic, insightful, social is good
When he’s high he stands against the wall

His dad’s an alcoholic that beats him
And this is the first time he’s found others he can talk to about it

In one of his notes he said
He hopes he can make the same kind of friendships
When he gets sent up to Juvie prison

And when he does
My stupid boyfriend
Will still be on my mind

Dedicated to my boyfriend