Teen Poetry Collections

My Sister

by a young woman, age 16

I really miss you
You’re at a new school
I was supposed to show you to your new classes
but I couldn’t, I’m sorry

Dad told me you were crying in my closet
and that you sleep in my bed while I’m gone

I keep hearing your voice
You’re always worried about me
Making sure I’m okay
Always telling me to stay positive

I want to tell you that I love you
that I miss you and
that I’m sorry for not being there for you

I want to thank you for caring about me
because I feel you are the only one who really cares

You have a special place in my heart
When I’m not with you, my heart breaks
I feel like I’m missing half of me

Be strong for both of us
Keep going, I’ll be there soon

I want you to know
I will always be there for you
If you have no one to turn to, no one to talk to
even if I’m not there in person
I am there for you

You’re my twin 

Dedicated to my twin sister