Teen Poetry Collections

My Pride / Mi Orgullo

 by a young man in detention

I want to get out of here
The day I get out of here
I will change my life around
I want to live my life in a new light  
I want to become a veterinary doctor
I love animals, todos los animales
I love animals especially horses
I miss our horses, beautiful horses
The fire killed them all
Mysterious fire
The fire that burns within me
Can not be extinguished easily
Because as long as I’m behind these walls
There isn’t much I can do

When I get out of here,
beyond these cold walls
And the stale food,
I will work hard to regain my path
And fulfill my goals
I know I can because I can do what others can’t do
Like taming bulls, and horses
I know all the tricks
Such as roping, chasing, galloping and my favorite
I am proud to be Mexican, I love my culture
My food, my customs, our celebrations, my family.