Teen Poetry Collections

My Mom

by a young woman, age 16

She’s like my best friend
She’s been there for me
She’s always inspired me
She’s always been an inspiring and interesting woman in my life
I love her

She helped me when I was in Children’s Hospital recently
She always gave me different ways to deal with my emotions
When I was sad she helped me to get over my emotion
By telling me that I’ve done a lot of progress

When my mother showed up in my door at Children’s
I’d forget about my day, all the things that were going wrong
I’d notice her perfume
And her hair was always pinned back
And her dangly earrings
And a brown kind of red lipstick
Nice make-up
Her green-brown eyes stood out

And I’d feel like I was in the presence of an angel
Something inside of me
Felt like it was going to jump