Teen Poetry Collections

My Memory Poem

by a young woman, age 15

When I hear my mom,
I remember my house,
And I wonder if I will ever be there again.
And I wish that I could go home and see my mom.

When I smell flowers,
I remember my mom’s perfume,
And I wonder if I’ll ever use the perfume again.
And I wish I had all the perfumes that my mom has. 

When I see people being abused,
I remember when I got raped,
And I wonder if he ever got charged.
And I wish that it never happened. 

When I taste candy,
I remember a lot about my mom,
And I wonder if I will ever get candy
From her while I’m here.
And I wish that I would have been home
So that I could have as much candy as I want. 

When I touch the bear that my mom left with me,
I remember all the things that she’s told me,
And I wonder if she’ll keep telling me more things.
And I wish that I’d be home with my mom.

Dedicated to J.