Teen Poetry Collections

My Life

by a young man, age 17

I missed my little sister’s birthday,
my friend’s birthday,
my mom’s birthday.
I missed being there when my friend’s mom died.
I’m worried about getting sent up to adult jail when I turn 18.
I don’t want to get deported.

It all started when I cut my house-arrest bracelet.
If I could, I would go back to October 2nd and put the scissors back in the drawer –
I’d say, “Trust me, man, don’t do it.”
I heard one of my little cousins was pretending to be on house arrest –
He put a metal bracelet on his ankle.
If I could, I’d tell him,
“You do bad things and get sent to jail, that’s how you end up on house arrest.”

I want to get out.
I want to be with my cousins,
go get a job with my dad,
get my own apartment,
get my GED.

Being here is like a little game,
like a little kid thing.

If I do go to jail it should be for a good reason,
like my dad hitting my mom, and me trying to stop it.

But I always get sent to jail for stupid reasons.

Dedicated to F.C.