Teen Poetry Collections

My Life of Colors

by a young man, age 12

My mood stays the same, but the color changes.
I start out as white.
White is for what am I going
To do next. Like tomorrow.
And then the color changes into black,
Which usually means I’m starting to get
Heavy, heavier than the whole atmosphere.
And then I try to do something to move away
From it, because black is not a good sign,
Because first I start to get stressed
And then tense
And then I tense my muscles
And then I start to get angry
And I start to yell and scream.
After that, the color turns to blue.
Blue means that I’m sad, as sad
As the clouds. My tears are the color
Of rain.
The color I turn into next
Is yellow, yellow as a sunflower.
Yellow stands for when I’m hungry.
I want to eat food like cheeseburgers and fries
From McDonalds, my favorite place.
These are the colors of my life.