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My Life Story

by a young man, age 14

I was a little boy when my mom and dad passed away, in Africa.
Both parents were soldiers, to protect their family and their country.

Life in Africa was hard, with the family trying to survive. 
When I was little, I saw both parents get shot in front of me in my house,
I was like five or three. 
When I saw that, when I felt both my parents get shot,
I almost had a heart attack.

Seeing that kind of stuff made me feel like there’s no world.

Losing both of my parents was like losing half of myself.
Until this day, I keep thinking about my mom and my dad.
I wish they were here to teach me how to be a man,
to keep me out of this place.

I’ve been through a lot of stuff:
Good times with my friends,
and also bad stuff. When my friend told me to join a gang, I almost did.
I learned a lot of stuff too:
I learned some stuff from my older sister and my Godmother.
I learned some stuff from my counselors and teachers.

I dedicate this story to the kids that got no family:
Keep your head up no matter what.
Take care of your family, whoever is around.
The right thing is to keep going to school, play a sport, stay off the street. 
I know life is hard without a mom and dad there to teach you
what is wrong and what is right.

Be the only strongest survivor out there.

In memory of my mom and dad