Teen Poetry Collections

My Life Is Like a PS2

by a young man, age 12

My life is like a PS2.
It always seems to be like a game to me.
I’m always getting in trouble,
And I forget to go to places where I need to go,
Getting caught by security cameras,
And always having to go to jail,
Finding a way to get out.
Things I need to get out: a hole, a shovel, or a stick.
I need to find a place to live,
Finding things to stay alive.
And if I don’t have anything to stay alive,
I should just die.
Food, water, clothing, and a car to stay alive.
I would go to Miami
to chill and relax and have money to stay alive,
A career to work at a police station.
That’s why my life is like a PS2.

Dedicated to C.