Teen Poetry Collections

My Life #2

by a young man, age 14

I feel trapped
I can’t escape
I want to run away
It feels like freedom

I take my anger out on walls
It doesn’t hurt the wall,
It hurts me
My hands messed up

If the wall could feel,
It would feel the same way about me
Mad, furious, enraged
The opposite of happy

If my hand could speak,
It would say it hurt
It would say
Don’t punch things

When I’m mad,
I don’t feel anything
When I calm down
My hand starts to hurt

Punching is better than cutting
It leaves less scars
If my scars could speak,
They’d say
Don’t do it
They’d say
Think about what happened last time
I was bleeding

They can take my other stuff away,
But they can’t take my fists away

If they took away my fists,
I’d start kicking
If they took away my legs,
I’d headbutt them
If they took away my head,
I’d be nothing

I’ll keep fighting until there’s nothing left

I’m fighting to get out of here
For freedom
Not to be locked up
Things I don’t want
Things I need

They need to let me do it on my own
It doesn’t feel right

I just want to be left alone
My way