Prize Poetry


by a young woman, age 17

If you were my ocean i would drown.
You make me want to die with all the pain you've caused.
On my apple tree you'd be an unwanted sour lemon.
Because you make me Hate you, I never even knew.
You hurt me, you took away my pride.
If we were in front of a judge, you'd say i asked for it.
If i were a galaxy you'd be the meteor ready to destroy it.
You aim to see me crumble in hurt and despair.
In my soul i can't stand you, why me? did you even know me.
If you were a part of my body you'd be a failed kidney, deteriorating the rest of my body.
My pain starts with you.
You are my pain, My discomfort, My abuser, My HATE.

Other "Honorable Mention" Recipients, October 2013
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