Teen Poetry Collections

My Dog Marissa

by a young woman, age 14

My dog, Marissa.
We call her Mary, Mare Bear, or Baby.
One day she was sitting on the couch,
And my sister accidentally stepped on her foot
And broke her toe.

She woke up and
Squeaked like loud mouse.
We had to take her to the vet,
Because she wasn’t walking.
She was so big,
It took five people to carry her to the car.

After she was out of the vet,
She had a cone around her head.
When she came home,
She was hungry.
She stuck her cone down over the food bowl,
And it covered the entire bowl.
Our other dog was trying to get in the bowl
And was barking at Marissa.
Marissa looks up and smiles at her,
And keeps on eating.

When she leaves the bowl,
It’s empty.