Teen Poetry Collections


 by a young man in juvenile detention, age 16

I miss my dad
He drank
He fought with Mom
He left us
no food in the fridge
He got locked up
and never came back
He seen us
but never paid attention
He heard
but didn’t care
I felt like someone threw a fridge at me,
like someone stabbed me in the back of the heart
My Mom asked me a tough question
Was it better that my father left
rather than stayed?
Which is better?
To have a father there who drinks and beats you
or to have no father at all?
When I seen my dad out in the streets
I tried to talk
He’d avoid me
and not pay attention
Me and my dad had a bond
I used to vent to him all the time
Now that he’s gone and ignores me
I feel empty
like an empty fridge,
like my heart’s been frozen.