Teen Poetry Collections

My Dad #3

by a young man, age 16

My dad was in my life
A normal person
No drug addiction
Just an alcohol problem

Then it got crazy
Bipolar Disorder
Beat the hell out of me
Talking about things that aren’t true

Last I saw him
Was on a bus
He didn’t even notice me
Like a stranger
Then he really saw me
And started to cry

I remember when his drug dealer
Came to the house
Asking me for money
I just snapped –
“Get the F#%& out of here!”
And my dad was like –
“What are you doing, he’s my friend!”
Felt like I was teaching a little kid
That friends like that, aren’t friends

Then he just disappeared
Haven’t seen him for 2 years
And now I’m on the same path
Waiting for him again.