Teen Poetry Collections

My Dad #2

by a young woman, age 15

My dad makes me feel like I don’t even belong
He makes my heart feel like an empty vase –
No flowers, no water
I don’t know what I should do
I’ve tried everything
My heart just feels like it’s missing a piece
Like the hole in a doughnut 

I try talking, but I can’t
I try imagining him taking custody of me
It just doesn’t work out
Like drawing a picture and you can’t figure it out
I have no clue what I did to him –
What my mom did to him –
And I don’t even know if he knows I exist
I feel miserable and invisible 

The only thing that makes me feel better
Is the picture my mom gave me of my father –
His eyes just like mine
His smile that came down to my own –
His favorite place, which is mine
California, too divine 

I’ve tried everything
Listening to music, singing to my mom
Trying my best, but I still don’t belong
And I can’t figure it out
I’m still filled with doubt