Teen Poetry Collections

My Best Friend Was Murdered

by a young woman, age 14

The last time I saw Althea
Was her body at her funeral
She was always there for me
Bringing me food, buying me clothes
She was my second mother
I was 10 and she was just 23.
We were walking with
Her boyfriend, my brother, a friend
When someone drove by
We were just talking, and walking
The five of us
Then shots rang out, her boyfriend yelled,
“Get down!”
When I got up, Althea was shot
She was bleeding severely
They took her to the hospital
She died there.
I didn’t see her die
The last thing she said to me
Was about what did I want,
Then she was gone.
At twelve I learned
Not to let people get close
Because they might also get shot
Might also leave
Might also break my heart.