Prize Poetry

Emotions Lost in a Musician's Fingertips

by a young woman, age 15

Introduction. Addiction. Withdrawal symptoms.
At the exact moment you find yourself alone.
At the exact minute the depths of your psyche strike a chord.
At the exact moment you hear the sound of utter abandonment,
you know you're screwed.

The melody playing the soft sound of
the harmony attempting to play a soothing piano,
but really is throbbing the bones of your skull with a
melodramatic forte of self-doubt.

Your head, spinning in agony as the chorus presents itself.
Crushing your chest, pushing harder and harder,
not thinking twice on whether your lungs can inhale.
The flaming orchestra, letting you fall gradually.

Watching. Enjoyment. Merriment. Control.
Until you hit the ground, your head cracking loud on the linoleum.
The orchestra's abrupt stop.
Memories. No pity. No sympathy. Death.

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