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Mom Did It with an Alien

by a young man, age 13

Here I am
Alone and confused in a world where people discount you out
Like you are nothing
Feeling like you’re born on a different planet
And you didn’t know about it 

My father, big black and scary
And abusive toward my mom
So she ditched him
Our life in Washington showed us we had a new start
Though it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be
The beginning not the end

On the other hand
The Alien may have loved my mother
But he did not really show it
My father, the Alien, was born in a test tube
On Uranus
That explains why he was such a butthead
Literally, head shaped like an ass
Six misplaced teeth
Three fingers on each hand
Three toes on each foot

I don’t know what my mom was thinking
But I can’t be too ungrateful
I’m here, aren’t I
Life may suck, but I love life
I love living