Teen Poetry Collections

Memories of Danny Fresh

by a young man, age 14

What he did for me before he passed away –
He was my older brother,
wasn’t blood or anything,
but that was my older brother.

He did a lot for my mom, too.
My mom was out of town in Atlanta,
and I had gotten shot in my leg four times.
He came to the hospital with me.
I told him not to tell my mom,
and he never did.

He was one of those guys that I looked up to.
For him to die the way he did…
it’s just f***** man.

I’ll never be the same.
Got no one to talk to anymore.
Got no one’s house to run away to anymore.
It’s like half of me is gone,
and the other half of me is trying to hold on
to the memories, every day.

He had that old school swag,
Adidas with the saggy sweats
and a basketball jersey.

Never wore a snap back,
always wore beanies,
always always always.
Really tall,
as dark as dark can be,
darker than that keyboard.
That was Dan.
He taught me how to drive.
I miss my brother.
I close my eyes, I see my brother.
I miss my brother.

My palms got sweaty,
like they are now.
My heart started racing.
Every time I blinked,
it felt like there were enough tears to fill a cup.
I couldn’t move.
All I could think about
was that last hour
I spent with my brother.
I miss Dan.
I miss Dan.

Ain’t gonna ever be another happy day.
Maybe the day my son is born.
I’d name him Dan.
Daniel Isaiah Tyler.

Dedicated to my brother Dan