Teen Poetry Collections

Memories #3

by a young man, age 13

I remember when I got shot
I was ten years old
I remember I was sweating
My heart was beating fast
I was afraid I was gonna die

My blood was leaking fast
down my small arms

The gun was kinda big
The shot rang in my ears
with a big boom

I thought about my mom
I wanted her
And she was on the news
By my side when I went to the hospital

It changed my life
I think it turned me to a maniac
I started carrying guns at all times
I was never by myself
I stayed with a group
I was ready to ride
I was ready to shoot
Cause if anybody ran up
I was gonna do the do

Until this day
I still feel like a maniac
In my brain
I don’t know the way to act
Though I feel like I can change