Teen Poetry Collections

Memories #2

by a young man, age 12

I remember a dream
Where I was running through a forest
And I jumped into a lake.
It seemed like a dream
But it wasn’t. I was with my foster parents.
I was in a desert kind of place
With a lake. After we took a dip
In the water, we went to a park and we found
A little horny toad who closed his eyes
When we pet him. He seemed very nice,
But didn’t like to be held,
So we let him go home, and watched
Him run home through the grass where he lived.
A home with family and friends.

Things you hold dearly in your life
Need to be let go once in a while.
I had to let go of my birth parents
And I felt terribly sad, like crying
A river of tears. Like being driven
Away from a place that kept you safe and near.
But then I found a new family that loved me
And I’m glad to be with them.

Dedicated to my family