Prize Poetry

Melancholy Friends

by a young woman

It's not goodbye.
But it feels like it.
We're not dying.
But we're close to it.

It seems like we drew the short straw.
Time to say goodbye.
Time to say 'I have to leave your side.
It's time i close up the door again.

My walking diary.
Your walking journal.
Can you see how much you know?
A living mind with all my information inside.

We've been lost.
We've been forgotten.
We found each other.
And now fate's rotten.

We will see each other again,
But the tears won't stop.

A little charm of agony and
A hug of melancholy.
The day of meeting
To the day of depart.
I don't wanna die.

Please just don't say goodbye.
Stay by my side.
I know I'm being selfish
But i can at least try.

I'm sorry for making it harder
But i need you here.
I'm sorry for making sure,
we say goodbye.

A melody filled with sadness,
And the mask of tears.
We both wear them
As the time draws near.
One last word of strength
Before we break.
Please just don't forget me.
That i couldn't take.

[Author's Statement: "Melancholy Friends is talking about my best friend who moved away. She and I didn't even know each other that long and yet we knew each other so well like the back of our hands. We would tell each other everything and anything, never judging and always being there for support, even if we didn't talk everyday. On her last day here, we spent it together and we cried together one last time before she left. This poem means so much to me and it makes me ecstatic that this poem has gotten this much attention."]

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