Teen Poetry Collections

Me and My Board

by a young man, age 17

Every day is being on constant guard
not knowing what’s gonna happen next.
It’s like walking around a corner and getting hit
in the face with a baseball bat.
One time when I was 11-years-old, I got cereal without asking,
and I got hit on the back of the head and dropped
to the floor. Saying a bad word, sometimes I slipped up
my words, and I got whipped by a belt. It was like a real-life
Cinderella story. I had a list of chores every day,
Windexing, cleaning dishes, cleaning bathrooms every two days.
If there was a hair on the floor, if it wasn’t to a perfect T,
I’d get hit or yelled at. During the night, I’d go to the skate park
when no one was there. It really shows how they cared
about me. Skating was the only thing I ever did besides cleaning.
It didn’t make sense to me.
I wondered why my parents acted the way they did.
These are people that love you.
Getting screamed at in the face, trying to back up into a wall,
you want to scream, your little mind is trying to flee.
I got away, found a loving family that treated me with kindness,
and didn’t attack me when I made faults. It was the family I always
wanted, I always pictured. My mom had motherly love. My step-dad
and I would play baseball, pick up a skateboard ’cause I skated.
They were there for me when my dad and stepmom never were.
Now, I feel freedom from this dysfunction. I always wanted
to get away. I grew up lonely,
me and my skateboard, that was my only friend.