Teen Poetry Collections

Me As a Hermit

by a young woman, age 15

I feel like hiding in a shell like a little hermit crab.
I’d have long claws.
And little antennae.
My claws carry all of my negative feelings.
When I’m scared they crunch into a little bundle.
Hiding from pain.
Hiding from disappointment.
Hiding from reality.
If I was a crab I would want to live in a little terrarium
Because all the terrariums are all the same.
Nothing bad would happen.
Except running out of food and water.
But my owner would give me food and he would hold me with love and care.
Living on the beach with all those scary predators and scary humans would be too much.
I would probably have a little hermit crab breakdown.
I would probably go drown myself in the ocean.