Prize Poetry

Masks and Colors

by a young woman, age 15

Do you know who I am behind my masks?

My first mask is blue
I use it when my tears can barely hide
Then I feel defeated

My second mask is fiery red
I use it when my anger washes away all
Then I wish I never felt

My third mask is purple
I use it when I feel ashamed
Then I hope that you are proud of me

My fourth mask is glass
I use it when I show you exactly what you wish of me
Then I dream I was accepted by you forever

[Author Statement: Writing has always been an escape for me. Pongo allowed me a chance to share with others what I never had the courage to share before. Everyone should have this kind of thing, where they don't have to hide how they feel, or what they think. This is a sort of sanctuary that releases many from their everyday struggles.]

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