Prize Poetry

Looking out the Window while Driving

by "Jade"

 When I was younger, I remember seeing the trees rush by
 and leaving everything in the other direction.
Life rushed by far too quickly and before I knew it,
I was looking out at my mom telling me she was having a child.
Five years later, I was soaking up the sun
and staying there till six pm.
I came back two years later to see if anything had changed.
Got into my first serious relationship
with a kind but depressed guy,
In college, I met a guy who was great on paper.
We broke up after we had a fight through text
and four months later
I started to notice that weight in my stomach.
The news that I was pregnant wasn't a surprise just a shock.
Waking up now, I can accept the news with open arms.
I don't put any hate towards my self in the past
for my lack of confidence
or how I chose poor people to be in my life.
I learned my lessons the hard way
and it's best I push the hard feelings out of the way.
I can't say I hate anyone or hope death to anyone in my past.
Just hope things go as well as they can.

[Author statement: When I was younger, I was stuck with many emotions that were hard for me to deal with. When thinking of ways to cope, I thought that I should try poetry. At first, I used poetry to express the sexual assault I experienced. Over time it evolved to be a new way I would look at different situations. My poems shifted from being about the sexual assault I had gone through to the many other aspects of my life. Writing has helped me understand where my emotions come from and to understand myself better. Which in turn has helped me become more understanding of other people's situations and be a more tolerant person. Sometimes beautiful things can come from a rough start.]