Teen Poetry Collections

Longing For Another Life

by a young woman, age 17

If I could I would escape
to a world I imagine every night
when I try to go to sleep
or daydream.

It’s another world
different from ours.

It’s like an Alice-in-Wonderland world,
completely the opposite from here,
something you’d want to go to.

The colors are brighter, more colorful,
colors you couldn’t think of.
You could do magic.
You could make candy appear out of air.
You could make sparklers with your hands.

In this world I’m not lost.
There would be puppies,
a Cheshire cat, a lot of penguins.
Animals can’t talk, but you can understand them.

The only hard thing about this world is
if you do anybody wrong
you get sucked up into a black hole
and disappear into thin air
and you’re sent back to this world.

Being sent back from this other world
would be like detention.

Like your whole world was once full of colors.
Now it’s just black and white.

In this other world, you could be
whoever you want to be.
If you wanted to be famous
you could be famous.
If you wanted long hair
you could have long hair.
People wouldn’t put you down.
This world doesn’t have pollution,
always clean air, and the sun is always
shining, even when it rains.
The moon is always full.

You can work if you want to,
but you don’t have to.
Everything is paid for.
The government doesn’t want you to have to labor.
Everything is done.
You get to relax.

When you go to sleep there,
since everything you’d ever want
is already there,
your dreams are reality,
it’s so vivid.

Dedicated to my boyfriend and fam