KING5-TV News Wins Emmy
for Story about Pongo

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KING5 In-Depth Report on Pongo Teen Writing in Juvenile Detention 

On Thursday, March 1, 2012, KING5 News (NBC) in Seattle broadcast a 7-minute story about Pongo's work in King County juvenile detention in Seattle. The report featured youth, Pongo volunteers, and a detention supervisor.

Set in the dramatic context of juvenile detention, the story is all about the youth and the Pongo writing process. It does not make light of the crimes that brought the teens to detention, but it focuses on the childhood traumas that burden these teens, and the role of Pongo writing in healing.

We were very happy to work with the award-winning team of reporter John Sharify and photojournalist Doug Burgess. Their story is sensitive, insightful, and artistic. We believe it's a very special production, and in fact this story received an Emmy and other awards! Doug was recognized as national photojournalist of the year, with this story in his portfolio.

We hope you'll have a chance to check out this report on the web, and we hope you'll forward the link to friends and colleagues!