Teen Poetry Collections

Living on the Streets

by a young man, age 16

Losing weight, less food
Makes me hungry as an elephant
No shelter, no place to sleep
No place to call your own 

Feeling like you don’t even exist
Down in the blue
Like a prison you can’t ever get out of
The city morgue
Like living behind a garbage can,
What I used to do

Meetings I used to go to
The AA, CA, NA
To help me stay clean and healthy
Someone was putting a hand out to help me up
I held on tight and stood up
Now I’m nine and a half months clean and sober

Some people took me in
A block away from the courthouse and police station
I had food, water, and a bed to sleep on

Right now I’m in a group home
Doin’ my business, trying to get out
Sometimes I have miscalculations with other people
Sometimes I feel like I want to run
But I know it’s not the best thing to do
So what choice do I have?
I might as well stay in the group home
Do my best to get out