Teen Poetry Collections

Life on Ketron Cottage

by a young man, age 14

Life on Ketron looks like burning flames,
With a side of marshmallows burning on a fire.
One day you’re having a good time,
The next day you’re going through a dark alley,
Screaming your guts out
From all the pain of being in here.

But there are some good things about this place.
We have times when we can go into society.
We have free time to play good games,
Like Yu-Gi-Oh and Connect 4, as well as lots of others.
Life on Ketron can be good.

At times you feel like you’re trapped in here,
Like you have no freedom,
Trapped here like dogs in a cage.
Some people don’t even know why they’re here.
Staff treat some of the kids like they’re in jail,
Just like if they were nothing.

Life on Ketron tastes like moldy bread.
I’ve tried that before, not the greatest taste in the world,
But if you have nothing else to eat
Then it can be the best meal in the world,
Kind of like how you have to get treatment
In places like these.
You have troubling times, and good times,
Both can be part of the same situation.
This is one of the most painful places I have been in.

This is my life on Ketron Cottage.