Teen Poetry Collections

Letter to Mom

by a young man, age 15

I haven’t seen you in seven months.
You are addicted to drugs.
Last time we had a house, I was eight.
But I want to apologize to you because I’m in juvie.
My older brother went to jail.
You’re in jail now.
So this is my letter to you in jail, from juvie.

The first thing I want you to know is
That I’m facing two years, and that’s a long time.
I made a mistake.
We all make mistakes.
Mom, you know something about that.
You would steal to support your habit.
But I appreciate you for making sure we had
Food and clothes.
I want to thank you for not doing drugs
In front of me.

Another thing I want you to know is
That I’ll be staying at Grandma’s when I’m out,
And going to school.
I’m not failing.
I’m disappointed that I’m in juvie.
I want to be free and in school.
You went to college for three years.
Thank you for showing me that school is important.

The last thing I want you to know is
That I love you.
And our family is gonna be okay.
M. is talkative and observes a lot.
He’s really enjoying preschool.
T. is a cheerleader now.
She’s getting A’s in school and growing up fast.
She's still got her attitude,
But is learning to control it.
I think you would be proud.

As for me, I play basketball.
I enjoy drawing and writing.
I’m trying to quit drinking.
Mom, you know something about that.
I appreciate how you keep up with us,
Letting us know you’re okay.
We know you’re trying, and
We continue to pray for you.

Dedicated to Mom