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Pongo Poetry Prize - April 2016

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by a young woman, age 20
This is a letter to someone important to me who died.
I know it’s been awhile since you’ve been gone
And so much has changed, baby boy.
So many flowers of gloom have begun to bloom.
Your mother is still a light,
But she can no longer be mine.
I’m sorry I let you down,
But so much has changed, baby boy.
Your mother is about to be a wife
And your baby sister is on the way.
And me, I’m just trying to find my way.
You still are the light of my world,
The first son of sons I will have
And the first heartbreak of heartbreaks I will feel.
It’s been a long time—four years if you want to be real
And though I don’t write to you as often as before,
The pain and the anger are still so very real.
Watch over your mother ‘cause I can no longer.
Watch over your sister ‘cause I won’t be able.
Make sure they stay strong because someone has too.
May God bless your soul,
Little angel of mine.

[Author's Statement: It's been a while since I've written my poem "Letter After a Time", but everything that I wrote in it is still true to this day. Letter After a Time is dedicated and written to my godson Elijah, but it's also me updating him on the status of his mother's and I's friendship, and how things are going since he's been gone. I expressed to him my worries and concerns about his mother and was simply asking him to watch over her when I could not. Letter After a Time was an emotional piece for me and it still rings true to this day when I reread it.]


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