Prize Poetry

Letter After a Time (to T.)

by a young woman, age 14

This is a letter to someone important to me who died.
This is a letter to T.

Here's something I never told you while you were alive...

I loved you more than anything. You were an awesome person and didn't deserve what you went through. You were kind and loving; and I didn't deserve to have you love me. You were my best friend, and when we didn't talk I felt as if a part of me had been ripped away.

Many times since you've been gone I've thought about...

How many good times we had, how you used to call me "tiny" and I called you "a silly goose." How your hoodies used to smell and how you were so warm. About the time when we watched the sky together and how when you were in Scotland we would talk for at least three hours every day. About how you loved me so much and that you gave the best hugs.

Here's what's new in my life...

My Gran's become very ill, and school's hard without you. I've become closer to C., and Su. misses you. I'm friends with that dude J. you told to look after me, and I know about the notebook. S. is acting weird, but she misses you, too.

When I dream sometimes I imagine...

You back with me, hugging me. I know that won't happen, but I wish it would. I miss you so much it hurts. I see me doing what you told me to do and follow my dreams, so I see me being a cancer researcher trying to cure what took you away from me.

It's amazing to look ahead in my life and think...

What's the point of it without you?

[Author Statement: "I wrote this poem because I needed an outlet. He was my boyfriend who just died 6 days ago. I heard about Pongo just from a search I did on Google, and poetry is something new in my life. I'll probably keep writing as it helps."]

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