Prize Poetry

Letter After a Time #2

by a young woman, age 17

This is a letter to someone important to me who died.
This is a letter to E.

Here’s something I never told you while you were alive…
I never told you that I loved you, that you were the light that brightened up my world,
That you were a love I never knew, and I never told you that I needed you.

Many times, since you’ve been gone, I’ve thought about…
How I never went to go see you, how I never bought you no clothes, no toys,
And how I never showed you my love.

Here’s what’s new in my life…
Your mother and I barely speak, my writing is beginning to peak, my heart still aches for your smile.
I think of you constantly, and I often find myself wondering how old you'd be.

When I dream sometimes I imagine…
Your megawatt smile, your golden orbs, your angelic laughter, and your tiny body in my arms.
I imagine you smiling up at me with ice cream on your face and Elmo in your arms.

It’s amazing to look ahead in my life and think…
I would have loved to see you in it, to see you playing with your God-siblings and your biological ones, too.
I think of you bringing a smile to my face when no one else could see that I was down.

[Author Statement: "I discovered Pongo while searching for someplace, anyplace, that would allow me to share my poems, and with them, a piece of myself. Writing is my life, my passion, my love, and my core, and without writing I don't know where I'd be. It helps me express who I am, what I'm thinking, and anything else about me, since I don't share my thoughts verbally. Every teen should be able to express themselves in a safe, familiar, comfortable way. Writing just happened to be mine."]

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