Prize Poetry

Lessons of Courage and Fear

by a young man, age 15

In my life I've known Courage.
We met when I started high school
   and started learning about my future career as a pilot.
Nowadays Courage is in front me
I find Courage when I am in school.

In my life I've known Fear.
We met when I was seeing my grandpa die in front of me
   four years ago.
These days Fear is creeping in my brain.
Fear finds me when one of my family members is sick.

I've learned that Courage and Fear are different.
When Courage tells me to "keep it up in school," I do it.
Fear says "I'm gonna take your life away," I cry.
Usually I listen to my positive thoughts and go on with it.

I wish my fears would just disappear.
I wish I will one day win and that all my dreams will come true.

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