Prize Poetry

Lessons of Courage and Fear #2

by a young woman, age 14

In my life I've known Courage.

We met when I was with a friend and I jumped off a roof into a thorn bush to get cut up.
Nowadays Courage is my middle name.
I find Courage when someone raises their hand to me.

In my life I've known Fear.

We met when I was raped and abused every night.
These days Fear is scared of me.
Fear finds me when someone is pulling a knife out and pressing it to my neck.

I've learned that Courage and Fear are different.

When Courage tells me, “Save who you are.”
Fear says, “You're not good enough.”
Usually I listen to Courage.
I wish I were more stronger and a lot smarter.
I wish my life lasted and my fear vanished.

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