Later, I Returned to the Streets

by Janet, age 17

My mom left me when I was three.
When I was five I began to live on the streets.
After a month I began to sniff glue,
I became an addict.
I found friends,
Other abandoned children.
When I was five and a half,
I was raped.
I cried everything I had within myself,
I cried out all of the tears.
I cried on the corner,
And the other children gave me glue to take away the pain.
Afterwards it was always the same letdown that came.
When I was seven the same thing,
The raped me.
Everything changed.
I became more of an addict.
Before I used to eat.
Now I didn’t drink water, didn’t eat.
I couldn’t stand the pain,
I was so close to dying.
I didn’t see the point of leaving,
I didn’t want to live.
When I was nine,
A nun saw me crying.
She told me to have faith, that God was great.
I told her that perhaps God’s plan for me
Was that I suffer.
She said we all fall, and get up again.
I left the bottle of glue,
And she convinced me to go to the church.
My pain continued.
Later, I returned to the streets.

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