Teen Poetry Collections

 Keep Fighting for What’s Right for You

by a young woman at CSTC

I am full of dangerous and loyal,
full of proud and compassionate.
I am shy and understanding.
I try to be strong and helpful,
caring and loving
but I always end up on the ground.

I try to help and be kind to people
but all they do is beat me
and leave scars on my face,
leaving me to bleed to death.
I try with all my might to defend myself
but all they do is criticize and mock me.

Sometimes I reflect myself in the mirror
and see “unwanted person.”

I just don’t understand the world.

I try to forget about the past
but I always grudge on the past,
never letting it go
until I feel like getting revenge on them.

But then I realize
that I am strong and caring.
It’s not easy
but at least I can still try.
Sometimes I feel like the whole world is on me—
that it gets heavier and heavier
until I cannot walk anymore.

But somebody told me once
keep fighting the good fight
and never give up.