Journey There and Home - 1

by RAM

Things weren’t perfect for me in Oz.

First, I was carried there in a tornado, at a speed so fast I don’t think I’ll remember how to get back.

I landed in a strange Munchkin Land that had a bunch of little people wanting a half oz for a ball price.

Like Dorothy when her house fell on a witch, I accidently hurt someone when I had to break it to them: “I am the Wizard of Oz. I’m me, is that you? Pay up fool."

Flying monkeys were mad at me, and  they tried to tell me they got shorted on there sack.

My imperfect friends let me down by selling me a dream and a broken DVD player.

I believed in a witch who told me that I’m the most powerful wizard in the land.

I had the false idea that I was invincible. And that I was not an addict.


But now a good witch is on my side, who says: "You are a talented individual who doesn’t need to be the Wizard of Oz to be liked and accepted."

I also have friends who will accept me for me.

On the Yellow Brick Road I hope I haven’t lost my family.

I wore out the ruby slippers that represent my addiction to the game.

Of course I had the answer in my heart all the time, which was you are better than this. Follow your dreams.

I was a survivor because I found my self-worth.

And I will never be the same because being the Wizard of Oz isn’t who I want to ever be again. (If that’s really what I was.)

And I will always be grateful for everything I learned from my dope selling days.

And I will always worry about if my children forgive me and want me to come…