Teen Poetry Collections


 by a young man in detention

You see that I am always getting in trouble.
Trouble follows me like a shadow, right behind me, always.

You see that I am always in fights,
always rebel fights, arguments.

But you don’t know me. I’m not that type of person.
I’m really caring, giving, always trying to help people.

I try to make other people happy.
I put others’ happiness before my own.

Since 2018, it’s been trouble, trouble, trouble.
When the new year came, everything changed.

When my friend, Josiah, was shot and killed four months ago,
it changed me. At the funeral, I touched his hands.

We drove to the funeral in a white limo, twenty of us.
There were fifty people at the funeral.

Josiah looked so nice in his tux. His hair was done.
His hands were so cold. He was the first dead body

I’ve ever seen. On November 9, I was at my house
in my room when my friend called and told me

Josiah had been shot but he was going to be okay,
but the next morning, I saw on Snapchat--RIP.  

I had to call my friend, my brother, to give him the bad news.
We both cried for an hour. The funeral was on November 24.

I was doing good until Josiah but after, everything changed.
I just stopped caring about anything. I still had to take care

of my girlfriend and my mom, but it was hard.
We were so close. Now Josiah’s brother is an only child.

I turned into another person. I just turned savage.
Josiah was the only person we knew who had graduated

had a job, and had something going for him.
When he left, it broke me.