Prize Poetry


by a young woman

                             Insanity sounds like a broken radio...
         It sounds like dolphins fighting with chickens in your brain…
                                When the dolphins disappear I’m gone..
Insanity looks like a ratty, old duster, slapping in the wind as the wearer walks.
            It looks like joy,, pain,, anguish,, loss,, regret,, hatred,, and self--proclaimed hopelessness,, all rolled together into one big bundle of crazy..
           Insanity smells like rot,, a picnic lunch left out too long..
           it smells like trains,, and dust,, and piss--riddled alleys.. 
           insanity feels like being thrown off a moving semi,, the impact of hitting a tree, as you fly backwards through the air..
           it feels like watching the Looney Tunes … upside down,, while bouncing on a trampoline.
     Insanity tastes like a muzzle,. made of leather and metal, it cuts through the tongue like a hot knife through butter. like Listerine and a morning cigarette, it tastes like mint, and heat.... it tastes like disappointment.

Other "Honorable Mention" Recipients, October 2013
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