Teen Poetry Collections


by a young man, age 17

My mom was in the bedroom
As I entered the messy bedroom
She was lying on her bed
I knew something was wrong
I ran up to her
I said, “Mom, Mom.”
I shook her, and she didn’t wake up 
I yelled for my dad
“Something’s wrong. I think she’s overdosing.”
He helped me drag her into the bathroom and sprayed water on her
I started shaking her
She came-to and faintly said, “What’s wrong, What’s wrong?”
She said, “I’m okay,” and nodded off
Tears just came to my eyes, and that’s when I left my house
My dad took care of her after that
I’m alone since I was fourteen
I remember at first
It made me wish there was someone I did love
But after a while I just became independent
I didn’t think about anybody else