Teen Poetry Collections


by a young man, age 16

This is my second year spending my birthday in here
But I look at it as just another day

I'm mainly worried about my family
In November 2010 my parents got taken away
     by immigration
And I was in here
If it happens once, you just think the worst

My friend snitched me out in court
And snitched my parents out, too
It was early in the morning, my dad went to start the car
And they grabbed him, and took him inside in handcuffs
To do the same to my mom
Right in front of my six- and seven-year-old sisters

My brother brought my sisters in to visit me
They were crying, didn't know when they'd see
Their mom and dad again

If there was one thing I wish for my little sisters
It would be to finish school and have their parents by their side

If there were one thing I wish for myself it would be
To get off the wrong path

And meet them on the right one