Prize Poetry

If My Fist Could Speak #3

by a young woman, age 14

If my fist could speak, it would boast to you how many people have held them so close, and who i have held with them.

If my arms could speak, they would scream why did i cut my arm and why i let them get all of these scars they have today.

If my feet could speak, they would recall how many places i have walked and how bad they have hurt.

If my legs could speak,  they would whine for how undeveloped they have grown since i was two and the many times they have been tortured with stretches.

If my butt would speak, it would cry out with the spankings with various things, and the times i have fallen on it.

If my stomach could speak, it would moan since i have starved myself to get skinny from people calling my FAT.

If my back could speak, it would explain the scar on it and the pain it has been through.

If my pounding heart could speak, it would say the times it has been broken and how big the black hole in it has grown.

If my face could speak, it would hesitate to tell you what it has been through because of the scars, pimples, make up, scratches, and hits.

If my eyes could speak, they would announce to you about the painful memories, people, and places they have seen.

If my ears could speak, they would share the horrible and amazing things they have heard.

If my lips could speak, it would laugh at how many kisses it has had, and the words that have come out of it on purpose and by mistake.

If my brain could deal with everything, it would want to ask why i let things that have happened go this far, and how come it can deal with all this pain.

If my feelings could speak, all of them together would not be scared to say what has happened and what they want.

If my actions could speak, they would justify myself saying they are not the real me.

If my memories could speak, millions would no longer hide, would let you know what they have been through and what i have really done.

If my body could speak, it would tell you how bad i hurt it, how many times i have let people hurt and scar me for life.

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