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If God Were Looking at My Life #2

by a young man, age 14

He’d wonder why I made the choices I made: joining gangs
He’d understand that my childhood wasn’t good, that what I experienced was being raised in the hood

He’d know the way things had gone for me—they’ve gone outrageously horrible in this jail of addictions

He’d remember how things went when I was very little like seeing my cousins in the streets and my uncles suffering as their children destroyed their lives

He’d know that I was a good kid at first 

He’d know that I’m trying to change certain things like my attitudes towards people—see, I was taught to hate most of society, that nobody cares about you but your family

He’d know how hard it is to change because craziness runs through my veins

He’d want me to understand that life is a movie that I’ve seen too many times

If God opened a new door for me, it would lead me to peace: I don’t know what it looks like.