Written by G. Helen Whitener

       How dark is the color of ITs skin?
       As that will define
ITs struggles within
IT a boy or is IT a girl was asked
       As if important to assign
ITs Life’s Tasks
IT stay or will IT go
       The Answer
ITs parents needs to know
       From the day that
IT was born
ITs very essence society scorned
       At birth Society CODED
ITs future to DOOM
IT hacked the CODE and redirected ITs future to ZOOM
IT could never be
IT ladies and gentlemen is ME

*"IT stands for Identity Transcendence," says Justice Whitener. Listen to Justice Whitener read her poem "IT" in her soul-stirring TED Talk Claiming your Identity by understanding your self-worth

Read more about Judge Whitener's ascent to the High Court in the Seattle Emerald newspaper's article "First Black Woman Makes Washington's Supreme Court Most Diverse Ever."

A special thank you to Justice Whitener for granting us permission to republish this powerful piece.