Teen Poetry Collections

I'm a Diamond

by a young woman, age 17

I’m a diamond
That shines with personality
I’m a diamond
Whose rough edges tell a story of struggle

I live a double life
One full of the game
And in the game
They call me

I’m a soldier
Whose glare dares you to try
I’m a soldier
Whose glare could numb your insides

I sleep with one eye open
Because a soldier is always ready for a fight

I’m an actor
So good you’ll cry as if it were you dancing with the devil

I’m a magician
Making you the shoes on my feet
The shoes that get mistreated
But pick up their own personal feet
And carry me away

I’m a magician
Making you the eyes on my face
As you scream to look away

I am smart
I am beautiful
I am me

I have struggled
I have a drug problem

I have let life win over me
But no more

I’m going to laugh in life’s face and take control
It’s my time
I’m grown