Prize Poetry

I'm Still Breathing

by a young woman, age 18

There's a pain in my soul that I can't quite feel
There's a numbing in my heart that just might kill
I am addicted to sex, I feel like I need it
I'm addicted because I always think about it
Sex is like a drug, my choice of drug

But now that I got them here, we are gonna play all night
Turn the lights off, he don't really have to see this sh*t
As soon as they get inside me, I know they are gonna be quick
I'm addicted, it's so wicked, it's a fact that they are truly gifted

They come over, we hit it off
They say they love me, then they leave
It's just like me to fool myself
That day becomes so haunting
My mind plays it over and over
Then we do it all again in 2 weeks

I'm tempted to see them again
It was lots of fun, but I'm trying not to, but it's so addicting
And at least I'm being loved
But it's a deadly attraction

I haven't done it in about 3 months
It's been so hard
But I'm still alive and I'm still breathing

[Author Statement: "Writing for me always helps me get out my feelings. It's a positive way to tell my stories. It helps a lot to write about my past, present, and future, positive or negative. It's a great experience to tell my stories and in some way throughout the years help my classmates. Everyone deserves to be heard, whether it's through writing or poems or any other way."]

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