Teen Poetry Collections

I'm Locked Up

by a young man, age 16

I’m locked up in a jail cell
and I can’t get no bail
and I’m thinking about the dreams and the life that I’ve failed
and I’m still in this place called America
walking up on these people that are pale—
it feels like a walking hell.
I am thankful for my family being there,
sometimes not, but... Oh, well.

I’m locked up in a jail cell.
When I was little I wrote on a notebook
everything I’ve been through.
I was born in a refugee camp in Kenya.
The twins, my brother and sister,
they both died in my parents arms,
starving to eat something, but they knew it was too late.

On August 28, 2014, I almost died,
driving  out of control, I crashed my father’s car,
and I was disgraced in my father’s eyes.

I’m locked up in a jail cell.
I feel like I’ve been to hell and back.
Now I’m thinking to my self,
am I ever gonna get out?
I once had a dream all this struggle would come to a stop—
I’d feel free like a bird heading home to his nest,
home to his children.

Dedicated to my lovely parents